The TeckTalk publication is a technical article produced and circulated on a monthly basis. Each technical article discusses a topic of interest regarding the application of genetic technologies and their utilisation within a breeding program.

Where Does This Animal Rank? Introducing the EBV Percentile Graph
The Importance of Recording the Performance of Your Cattle

Understanding Why and How to Measure Scrotal Size
Identifying Curve Bender Animals
Scan Data for Heifers is Valuable
Collecting Abattoir Carcase Information
Improving Beef Cattle Fertility with Genetics
Performance Recording in a Drought
Making Bull Selection Decisions For Heifer Matings

Managing Inbreeding Within A Seedstock Beef Breeding Enterprise
Guide to Using BREEDPLAN Information in Animal Selection
Performance Recording Mature Cow Weight
Performance Recording Birth Weight
Breeding for MSA Compliance & Increasing MSA Index Values
The Importance of Genetic Linkage
Customising Your Internet Solutions Search Results Display
Understanding BREEDPLAN Contemporary Groups
Performance Recording - Getting It Right

A Commercial Producers Basic Guide to Using BREEDPLAN Information
The Importance of Whole Herd Recording
Utilising DNA Technology to Change Coat Colour
Increasing Pedigree Accuracy with DNA Parent Verification
Using Across Country Selection Indexes
Variation in Male Reproductive Traits in Tropical Cattle
Performance Recording for Small Herds
Genetic Improvement of Temperament
Performance Recording in a Drought

Breeding for Polledness
Searching for Genetics Online
The Value of Raw Performance Information
Recording Mating Details for Female Reproduction
Managing Genetic Conditions
Understanding EBV Accuracy
Maximising Genetic Improvement in a Seedstock Enterprise