About TBTS

Tropical Beef Technology Services (TBTS) is a joint initiative of Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA), the Agricultural Business Research Institute (ABRI) and Breed Societies that run the majority of their cattle in Northern Australia.

TBTS provides the members of participating breed societies with technical support that enables them to maximise their understanding and use of the different genetic technologies that are available. For example, BREEDPLAN, BreedObject Selection Indexes, Internet Solutions, TakeStock and DNA based technologies.


The TBTS project commenced in 1998 after industry identified a viod in technical support in Northern Australia for genetic technologies.

In association with Southern Beef Technology Services (SBTS), TBTS provides a truly national extension program for genetic technologies for the Australia seedstock beef industry.


TBTS delivers a range of services to the beef industry in Northern Australia. These services include:

Technical Support: TBTS provides day to day technical support to beef producers in Northern Australia.

Workshops: Workshops are held routinely to give members of the beef industry the opportunity for tuition in the application of the different genetic technologies that are available. Regular webinar presentations are also run to supplement the workshop program.

Property Visits: On property cosultation is available for producers with specific queries and needs. The property visits provide a valuable opportunity for beef producers to gain advice regarding issues that are relevant to their individual operation.

A range of other activities are also provided by TBTS such as technical notes, support material at major events and technical articles for BREEDPLAN publications.

Importantly, TBTS also acts as a valuable feedback mechanism to the BREEDPLAN development team in the Animal Genetics and Breeding Unit and the operational team in ABRI.